Rockcliffe Parkway

REMISZ Consulting Engineers Ltd. was awarded the Willis Chipman Award at the 2014 Ontario Consulting Engineers Awards Ceremony. The award was given to the Rockcliffe Parkway Rehabilitation project in recognition of the project that best demonstrates the contribution of consulting engineering to the social, economic and environmental well being of...

Ottawa Power Outage – Engineering Services Available

REMISZ Consulting Engineers Ltd. is operating and available to provide necessary structural and civil engineering services to all who have suffered through the recent storm. The storm that ripped through Ontario and Quebec was a derecho and winds going up to 120Km/h, damage ranging from mild to severe have occurred...

OLRT Stations

No modern city is complete without a comprehensive and efficient transportation system, and we are proud to be a part of Ottawa’s ongoing OLRT build efforts.  From drawing reviews to on-site quality inspections, we are there to see our clients’ projects succeed.

Let's go MOOSE!

We're proud to be a key member of the MOOSE Consortium - an initiative which enables and enhances commuter transport from fast-growing towns directly into the core of Ottawa's Capital. Privately funded and quickly reaching operation, MOOSE promises to be the rail system that Ottawa has been waiting for!