Community Involvement


Local communities and Academia work

Our staff actively engages in local communities and in academia. Each year, from 2018 until 2023 and beyond, our founder and engineers mentor students from both Carleton University and the University of Ottawa for their capstone projects. One of the groups that we mentored won the highest award for their project on “The Rehabilitation of the Prince of Whales Bridge Ottawa-Gatineau” which was selected as the best amongst 19 other Canadian universities. The award was received in Montreal in June 2019 during the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering conference.

One of our senior engineers was also invited by both Carleton University and the University of Ottawa to give guest lectures on civil and structural engineering practices and challenges, which gave the students a practical real-life perspective on their developing careers.

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Previous Initiatives

  • We also have helped US film producers in making a documentary film “Bridging Urban America” about the largest bridge projects in America and that included a segment about the famous Quebec Bridge’s legendary collapse and how it created the Iron Ring ceremony for engineers. Our role on the documentary was to source historical information, arrange for interviews, translate French and Polish sections, and overall technical consultations on bridge building terminology and history.


  • We have helped support the Association of Polish Engineers in Canada in their various activities for many years, and also by mentoring several young international professionals in getting their Canadian experience so they could become fully licensed with PEO. In recognition of his community work, our founder, Mr. Wojciech Remisz, received a 10-year Ontario Volunteer Award.


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