Completed Highlights

2016 – Current

Soil and rock stabilization

Claridge hoist platform, frame

Minto Bridge Rehabilitation

  • Temporary support structure for vertical gusset plate

OAG Arts Court Expansion

  • On-site structural inspection of concrete reinforcement and trouble-shooting
  • For more details on this project follow this link

Giant Tiger Distribution Center

  • Steel stud shop drawings for SERCO Construction
  • Soffits, parapets, and exterior wind bearing walls

Canada Four Corners

  • Seismic vibration monitoring of 93 Sparks Street
  • Interim reports
  • Project coordination and structural engineering interpretation of monitoring results
  • Visual inspections of the wall being monitored

505 Preston – Claridge Icon

  • Excavation protection system design
  •  Construction site inspections


Rockcliffe Parkway Retaining Walls

  • Structural design of new additions and rehabilitation of the retaining wall system along Rockcliffe Parkway
  • Preservation of existing eco-system, widended pathways, and viewing areas
  • Design included cantilevered pathway, precast concrete slabs, and micro piles

Timberline Bridge

  • 130 foot long snow mobile bridge over the Indian River
  • Performed abutments design as per CAN/CSA-S06-06 Exceptions June 2002 and Crown Land Bridge Management Guidelines November 2007


CN Tower – Radome Roof Repair

  • Design checking of repair method prepared by NCK Engineering
  • Rehabilitation included use of carbon or glass fiber polymers on the outer surface of damaged roof portions
  • Reviewed: contract specifications, calculations, shop drawings, material data sheets, and repair procedures

Mosquito Creek Bridge

  • Structural design of a 17.6m span concrete rigid frame bridge over Mosquito Creek
  • Engineering services during construction
  • Review of piling records, shop drawings, and concrete mixes

Central Heating Plant Access Platforms

  • Retained as a sub-consultant for the design of work platforms to access existing pressure valves
  • Provided inspections, temporary support design, and design of steel platforms, catwalks, and supports complete with all necessary drawings
  • Also provided site visits during construction, final inspections, and certification of the new access platform system


Dilworth Road Bridge Rehabilitation

  • Bridge girders were damaged in an accident which also tore 7 prestressing strands in the first girder
  • Repair design of damaged girders included use of Carbodour carbon fibre strips to reinforce the bottom flange before this severly damaged girder was removed and replaced
  • Provided lifting procedure for the replacement of the first girder
  • Was the first to successfully use carbon fibre strips for strengthening design, in Ontario

Grey’s Creek Bridge Replacement

  • Replacement of dilapidated concrete bridge structure
  • Use of stay-in-place sheet piling walls as foundation for steel culvert
  • Project successfully completed within a very limited time frame and budget

FOX 3 – Condition Inspection, Nunavut

  • Performed site condition inspection and structural assessment of existing conditions
  • Provided repair recommendations to prolong facility operations until 2030
  • Report included long term maintenance program for the site, 30 year life cycle costing, and repair recommendations

Bytowne Bridges Replacement

  • Design and inspection of demolition procedure of two concrete I-girder bridges
  • Design and installation of seismic isolation bearing, formwork, and falsework
  • Review of shop drawings, dewatering systems, and other temporary works


1000 Islands Crossing, at Ivy Lea, Rehabilitation

  • Project included widening of bridges and total replacement of orthotropic steel grid deck, stringers, and railings
  • Design of construction engineering components for KIEWIT including a moving gantry frame and work platforms hung from the deck
  • Received the 1998 Innovation Award from the Nepean Chamber of Commerce

Experimental Farm Sprinkler System

  • post-fire feasibility study for sprinkler system design
  • consideration for heritage aspects of the four buildings included in scope of project
  • design and construction included new water supply, new distribution system throughout the buildings, minor structural works, and architectural improvements


Bronson Avenue – Dunbar Bridge

  • Four lane, 18m wide, steel bridge to be replaced with two 17m wide prestressed concrete bridges with 3 lanes each
  • Provided full construction engineering design for all temporary works: piles, working platforms, scaffolding system, and formwork


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