Private Home Owners

For all your home construction and renovation needs, REMISZ Consulting provides the following services: loadbearing wall removal, structural design for additions, structural review for renovation, balcony design, and building condition assessments. We have also provided structural design and inspection services for roof leaks, basement water infiltration, and temporary support design for mold remediation.
Current and Completed Projects:

  • Addition of balcony to existing home
  • Several load bearing wall removals
  • Structural condition assessment for home for sale
  • Basement beam reinforcement and footing design for new posts for renovations
  • Roof strengthening and opening reinforcement design for renovation involving cathedral ceiling
  • Unsupported wall detail for new window opening in basement
  • Temporary support for multiple basement mold remediation projects
  • Conversion of carport to enclosed garage

Key Personnel:

  • Cristian Constantinescu, P. Eng, M. Sc
  • Sarah Ladhani, EIT, B. Eng
  • Francesco Temi, EIT, M. Sc

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