Arts Court

From a small condominium to Ottawa’s newest build – the OAG Arts Court – we at REMISZ are there to see what others won’t.  Drawing reviews, on-site inspections, and quality control – just some of the elements needed for a modern high-profile build.
With Canada’s upcoming 150th anniversary in 2017, the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) Arts Court Expansion is one of many downtown revitalization projects. The existing art gallery will remain and continue to operate throughout the construction of the 80,000 sqft expansion. This new shining gem will include 5 floors open to the public, including a new theatre, screening room, classrooms, and exhibition space.

Scheduled for completion in 2018, this $38.8 million development will also include underground parking, over 20 floors of hotel space, rooftop terrace, courtyards, and connection to the existing art gallery.

“This project marks the beginning of a new chapter in Ottawa’s cultural history. The progress [we’re seeing] is preparing the foundation of a long-standing vision for a municipal arts centre for the visual, performing, literary and media arts and for the revitalization of Ottawa’s downtown that will be celebrated for years to come.”

~ Mayor Jim Watson

Our Role

Our staff have been working with EBC Inc and Pasquin St-Jean & Associates throughout this exciting development, performing on-site structural inspections for concrete reinforcement and providing reliable on-site solutions. REMISZ Consulting Ltd is proud to play a role in the development and revitalization of our City’s downtown core, on projects such as the OAG Arts Court Expansion.

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