Services Provided:

  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Culvert Drainage Inspections as per OSIM
  • Condition Assessments
  • Bridge and Culvert Design
  • Design of Excavation Protection Systems
  • Inspection and Design of Formwork, Falsework, and Shoring
  • Grading, Stormwater, and Servicing Plans


Each year, our civil team performs visual inspections of approximately 150 culverts throughout the Ottawa area. These inspections are performed in accordance with the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM) as well as the 2016 revision of the Supplementary Clarification to OSIM provided by the City of Ottawa. Each of these inspections involves thorough documentation via photographs taken on site, elevation surveys, and any additional noted defects or unusual observations.


Bridge and Culvert Construction

Over the years, REMISZ has been involved in several projects requiring design and construction of new bridges and culverts, of various magnitudes. Some of these projects included extensive rehabilitation work of existing structures, requiring thorough investigation and design expertise. Our design staff and on-site personnel are highly qualified and capable of designing for unique situations and devising practical, effective solutions for projects arising from previous damage or poor performance of the structure. Our team works with on-site contractors to ensure all design requirements and specifications are met during construction and are available for emergency trouble-shooting on site.

Our team completed the design of select structural components of the steel truss on the rehabilitation of the Minto Bridges located along Union Street and Maple Island. Additionally, our inspection personnel oversaw the concrete reinforcement construction of the extension of the HWY 417 Transitway from Holly Acres to Moodie Drive. This particular project involves the extension of an existing culvert, construction of a new bridge structure, and a new pedestrian pathway. We have also completed the structural design for the Bearbrook Crossing Bridges and inspections for the bridge jacking and formwork for the construction phase.

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